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Business 2 PLAY’s highly trained and skilled facilitators are passionate about offering safe, interactive, challenging and inspiring environments for your workforce.

We offer your team an opportunity to find real solutions and generate true cohesiveness; helping them to develop a greater confidence, in essence, supporting them ‘deliver the goods’. We work through challenges, creating new realities and inspired visions.

Building flexible, genuine and inspired relationships in the workplace is of paramount importance to Business 2 PLAY.

We re-kindles the inherent need adults have to view; tasks, problems, design, development and innovation in a way they had never seen before.

Belinda Harris-Reid

Rachel Vowles

Josephine Larsen

  • Voice Work Specialist & Tutor

  • Social Network Developer

  • Professional Theatre Practitioner

  • Role-play for corporate and private sector events (including Medical Students)

  • Film-maker/Documenter

  • Member of the National Union of Journalists; special interest in self-directed learning

  • Professional Theatre Director

  • Corporate and Public Sector Workshop Leader and Facilitator;

  • Worked in partnership with local and national organisations, agencies and educational establishments

  • Delivered major community initiatives and projects

  • Professional Theatre Director, Actor & Teacher

  • ACT: Acting, Confidence & Training Facilitator and Leader (ART14)

  • Executive & Leadership Mentor and Life-Coach

  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming & trained in Hypnosis & Person Centred Counselling

  • Role-Play and Training for Medical Students and Neuro Scientists

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