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Invaluable members of Business 2 PLAY:

Alan Harris-Reid BSc Hons (Mathematics/Electronics, London University)

Alan Harris-Reid is an invaluable member of the Business 2 PLAY team. He has had over 18 years of experience as a Software Developer, Analyst & Consultant. He was Editorial Manager of the Electrical Patent’s Index/Division (Derwent Publications for over 8 years) & Editor for Technical Publications including Software Users Year Book & PC Users Years Book (for 3). He has been Managing Director of his own Software Consultancy firm for 18 years.

His knowledge of the work ethos and business practice (eg: setting goals, maintaining morale and delivering projects and contracts on time) has helped us formulate the courses run by Business 2 Play. His clients have included: British Rail Telecoms/Network Rail (railway communications), Business Information Strategies Ltd. (spread-betting and various software development projects), London Borough of Bromley (legal department), Corona Energy (gas supplier), Granacot Computing Ltd. (software publishing company), and Phone Service Europe (mail-order processing).

Alan Harris-Reid is also an active player and committee member of a Devon Volley-Ball club and in a previous life he was a professional drummer.

Ruth Morris

Ruth Morris is a skilled group/team-leader and therapeutic councillor (for over 20 years), her experience as a facilitator and 'creator of groups' is invaluable to Business 2 Play.  Her sense of wonder, her passion and skills as a creative innovator are of paramount importance to us. She has an infectious and enthusiastic training style and heartedly believes in the power of well-being being imperative in the business community - to fundamentally create change.

Ruth Morris is a trained hypnotherapist, counsellor and a Bowen Therapist (she also has advance training in Neurostructural Integration Technique) and has run her on practice in physical therapy for 10 years. Working with groups, inspiring groups, up-skilling a workforce, creating joyous and peaceful environments for people to work in, is Ruth's passion. She is wholeheartedly committed to a creative approach for all levels of personal and professional development. She has a commitment to innovation and to 'thinking outside the box' while maintaining the traditions that are imperative to hold on to, in all she does.

She is a mother of 5 children and Managing Director of her own Knitting Company (Ella's Knitting) and her creative, accessible, unpredictable, adventurous spirit inspires not only our clients but us at Business 2 Play.

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