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Belinda Harris-Reid BA Hons (Music), MA (Theatre)


Belinda Harris-Reid has been working in the delivery of 'performance' and training people in personal development for more than twenty years. She has worked in the UK as a solo performer, administrator, social network developer, documenter, producer, curator, host, trainer and a member of confidence training organisations in; theatre (professional productions, one woman show, poetry events), music (jazz vocalist, big band swing singer, member and leader of choirs), film (camera direction/film editor for Screens South West – training in film-acting), cabaret (co-producer, host and film-maker for Surreal Saloon - social issue cabaret), visual performance (devised multi-media and text based work, exhibitor and film-maker), television (How do the media see you? - docu-drama for BBC1, Big Brother 9 Housemate 2008 -reality TV show for Channel 4, Down to Earth - drama for BBC1, 8 Out of 10 Cats - topical comedy quiz show for Channel 4), role-play and corporate facilitating (Veitch Penny Solicitors for Delaney & Hart, Women’s Network, Dartington College of Arts, Baseline Data Services, Peninsular Medical School for Actor/Factor) and has developed an approach that is inevitably personalised.

Belinda has been working with people finding their ‘authentic voice’ - as tutor/trainer for 20 years. She has helped people ‘find their voice’ for professional theatrical and musical productions, business/management (guiding people in the delivery of confident and stimulating presentations), vocalists (microphone technique and voice coaching), as a professional jazz singer (with her own bands and with numerous jazz musicians/vocalists in 'live' band, film and studio contexts), performed widely at London venues including; the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s, Comedy Store, Bass Clef and other major UK venues.

Belinda is Co-founder & Producer of Temple of Nothing (exploring performance art; multiple perceptions of inter-disciplinary art practice, with particular reference to 'imagination and science’), Company Director (Production/Actor) of Heart's Tongue Theatre Company, Devon and co-founder of the London Performance Company. Belinda is also a member of the National Union of Journalists (freelance - writer/researcher), particular interest; democratic and self-regulated learning (numerous published article in education periodicals/journals as well as national and local press).

Belinda’s work has always been driven largely by the fascination with how people inter-act and how people work productively/creatively in teams; with passion and confidence. Her enthusiastic spirit and genuine belief that; ‘everyone should have the opportunity to be heard’ has brought about great change in people’s lives, on a personal and professional level.

Belinda is an invaluable member of Business 2 PLAY bringing her ‘joie de vie’ and her wealth of knowledge in training and the delivery of person-centred courses. She guarantees that your work-force will feel uplifted, re-vitalised and work more co-operatively and cohesively after a Business 2 PLAY course has been undertaken.

I have seen it turn around a company’s work-force time and time again.

In companies, PLAY can provide a secure environment for establishing original ideas regarding market opportunities, producing debate concerning chief strategic questions, confronting antiquated suppositions and constructing a true sense of common purpose. Creating an energised, inspired, ‘thinking outside the box’, productive team can bring about great transformation for you and your company. This is not rhetoric – it really does work.

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