Building Better Business


We offer courses to our clients on:

  • Working and Co-operating as a Team (Teambuilding);

  • Stimulating Creative Ideas (Unlocking Creativity);

  • Finding Your Voice (Presentation);

  • Realising Management Potential (Dynamic Leadership).

Play and Business both use key components that can renovate and deliver  - through creating structure, motivation, co-operation, resolution, well being, harnessing individual prowess, listening and directing, taking control, generating ideas and being one of a team. Effective relationships and behaviour at work involve the same principles as everyday life - respect for others, integrity, honesty, compassion & courage.

These Courses are for; building teams and teamwork, corporate employee motivation, ice-breakers, energisers, and more serious learning and personal development.

Business 2 Play will bring about:



Total focus and attention, either due to inherent curiosity or as the result of true concentration.


A sense of delight and positive detachment from daily reality.


Greater personal clarity and a built-in understanding concerning the fine-tuning of problems.

Positive Thinking

An intrinsic sagacity that the ‘task’ is achievable and that your skills are sufficient to tackle it. Furthermore, you are not nervous nor are you bored.

Peace of mind

A sense of serenity and an absence of uncertainties in relation to ‘self’.

Present (Time)

Focusing thoroughly on the present and a real understanding of the trajectory of the project/task (attention to the passing/lack of passing of time).


Intrinsic understanding concerning the task ahead and a need to sustain the moment of 'delivery'.

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