Building Better Business


Environment; minimising our carbon footprint

We at Business 2 PLAY are intent on minimising our carbon footprint by improved recycling, reduced reliance on unnecessary materials etc, keeping transportation to a minimum, minimising waste and improved efficiencies on finite natural resources in our company's operations.  

Equal Opportunities; supporting diversity

We are aware that discrimination exists on grounds of disabilities, race, religion, age, gender and sexuality.  Business 2 PLAY is opposed to and will challenge all forms of discrimination in relation to the work we are undertaking.  Play brings people together; connects people from all walks of life, with varying abilities, beliefs and life stories.

Business 2 PLAY finds that diversity in a group can generate new modes of working and initiates varied perspectives on life that truly adds to the dynamic of the working/playing environment. We welcome all participants and encourage them to realise their true potential.

Play can provide a secure environment for establishing original ideas regarding market opportunities, producing debate concerning chief strategic questions, confronting antiquated suppositions and constructing a true sense of common purpose.  

Creating an energised, inspired and productive team can bring about great transformation for you and your company. This is not rhetoric - it really does work.  

Belinda Harris-Reid BA Hons. MA (Facilitator of Business 2 PLAY) 

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