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Challenge, curiosity, vision, and control: 2 Play. Play is a dynamic, productive and natural tool for introducing adults to problem-solving and knowledge building.

The answer to productivity and innovation. Social skills are discovered in the ‘give & take’ of play. Body language and verbal communication, safety and danger, limitations and freedom, collaboration and teamwork - all are revealed and practiced frequently during a Business 2 PLAY session.

Success at work is not dependant on the amount of time you work. It depends upon the quality of your work and this is determined by your well-being.

Business 2 PLAY is unique! We are the only organisation using the SERIOUS BUSINESS of PLAY to bring success to your business.

When Play is used within Business it can stimulate and renew your work-force, it can inspire, re-awakened positive outcomes (creating constructive change), reveal, innovate and above all be an environment for people to take risks in.  It can encourage a sense of purpose, increase drive, bring wisdom and enjoyment to your team and support personal and professional development. We can help you generate new ways of working as a team, increasing productivity and therefore bringing greater success for you and your business.

Belinda Harris-Reid BA Hons. MA (Founder Member of Business 2 PLAY, Facilitator and Trainer)

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