Building Better Business


Games that challenge the mind

  • keeps you operating when ‘under stress’

  • rejuvenates your body and mind

  • promotes teamwork

  • encourages you to see problems in inventive ways

  • triggers originality and innovation

  • enhances vigour and prevents fatigue


Humans crave the need to play.

Play is instinctual and fundamental to human existence.

Playing regularly allows our adaptive abilities and problem-solving skills to handle this complex world more effectively and therefore we are probably more likely to select healthy answers to testing difficult situations as they occur.

The explanation for this is that play guides us in how to deal with or “convert” our negative emotions, and it is the basis for sound physical mental and emotional health.

Playing can create amusement and liberty which can decrease stress and give a feeling of exhilaration and relaxation to our daily living.

It drives us, revitalises us and re-establishes our optimism. It transforms our outlook, inspiring originality. It restores our skill in deciphering the ‘work of the world’ & the world of work!


When Play is used within Business it can stimulate and renew your work-force, it can inspire, re-awakened positive outcomes (creating constructive change), reveal, innovate and above all be an environment for people to take risks in, it can encourage a sense of purpose, increase drive, bring wisdom and enjoyment to your team, support personal/professional development and of course it can be transformative - generating new ideas of design and delivery, increasing productively and therefore bringing greater success for you and your business.

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